As the crowd cheers and the anticipation builds on the field, the visiting team operates seamlessly behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and competitive baseball game. From the moment they arrive at the ballpark to the final pitch, here’s a glimpse into the operations of the home and visiting team during a baseball game.

Minutes to Game Time Duration Activity
60 Bulldog Field will be unlocked – the visiting team may occupy the First Base Dugout.
30 10 Bulldog’s will take an infield/outfield warm-up.
20 10 The visiting team will have the ability to take an infield/outfield warm-up.
10 5 Head Coaches from both teams will meet with the umpire crew behind home plate.
5 5 Players and Coaches will take their respective baselines for the National Anthem.
0 Play Ball!

We ask that you leave the Visiting Dugout in the same condition as you found it in and vacate the field no more than 15 minutes after the end of the game.

Thank you for your cooperation!