Athletic clearance is a process required by the CIF which includes obtaining a physical from a health practitioner, providing contact and medical information, and signing statements acknowledging the risks of participating in sports, etc. By collecting all required information through, school administration and coaches will have immediate access to your current contact and medical information in the event of an injury (from anywhere at any time). The online system also streamlines the clearance process for families with more than one student-athlete and makes the process easier in the years to follow.

  1. Contact your student-athlete’s healthcare provider and schedule a routine physical.
  2. Download the “IUSD Physical Form,” and ensure that you have your child’s healthcare provider complete the form in it’s entirety (including the office stamp).
  1. Begin by visiting
  2. Create an account by clicking “Register.”
    • Ensure that you use the parents email address and create a secure password.
  3. Once you’ve created an account, select the “Start Clearance Here” button in the upper lefthand corner to get started.
  1. Complete all required fields
  2. Retrieve your student-athlete’s IUSD ID by visiting the IUSD Aeries Portal.
  3. Provide your student-athlete’s Health Insurance Provider and Policy Number information.
  4. Enter your child’s education history.
  5. Click “Save.”
  1. Upload your student-athlete’s completed physical.
    • Scanned PDF documents or photographed images are acceptable.
  2. Complete all required fields in the medical history section and click “Save” when finished.
  1. Complete all required fields, and click “Save” when finished.
  1. Parent Signatures
    • Review all forms and click “Sign.”
      • You will be prompted to type your full name into the pertinent boxes – do not initial.
  2. Student Signatures
    • Review all forms and click “Sign.”
    • You will be prompted to type their full name into the pertinent boxes – do not initial.
  1. After completing the athletic clearance process, you will receive a “Confirmation Page.” Please print this page, sign and date and then “Upload” it to your account.
  2. Once completed, notify the PHS Athletic Department of the completed clearance at
    1. They will review/verify your clearance via email and will send you a final approval.